I'm Ashley.

I'm thrilled to welcome you to my world of capturing love stories through my lens! I'm a passionate wedding photographer based in the fascinating landscapes of South Wales.

For me, photography is not just a profession; it's a heartfelt journey of storytelling and freezing precious moments in time. With a documentary and candid approach, I strive to create authentic and emotive images that reflect the true essence of your special day. Weddings are a celebration of love, and I consider it an absolute honour to be a part of these beautiful moments, capturing the raw emotions and genuine interactions that make each wedding unique.

My style is all about constructing together the art of photography with the art of storytelling. I believe that the most powerful images come from unscripted moments and genuine connections. My goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible, blending into the background, and allowing the day to unfold naturally while I capture the fleeting moments that often go unnoticed. Whether it's a tearful exchange of vows, a tender embrace, or a hearty laugh shared between loved ones, my lens will be there to capture these cherished memories forever.

Living in Wales, I'm surrounded by stunning landscapes, historic castles, and picturesque coastal vistas, providing the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. I'm always eager to explore new locations, and I'm more than happy to venture wherever your love story takes us.

As your wedding photographer, my focus is entirely on you and your vision. I take the time to understand your unique story, your personalities, and your preferences, ensuring that your wedding album truly reflects who you are as a couple. My mission is to craft a timeless collection of images that will allow you to relive your special day for years to come.

When not behind the camera, you can find me enjoying a cup of coffee listening to a podcast, watching the football or attending a gig. I'm also an avid traveler, so if you're planning a destination wedding, count me in!

Thank you for considering me to be a part of your wedding journey. It would be an absolute joy and privilege to document the love and happiness that fills your day. So let's embark on this adventure together, and create memories that will be cherished for generations.

With excitement and warmest wishes,

Ashley Crowden - Your Wedding Photographer.